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With a background in education, research and complementary health initiatives, Stevie-Jae is able to approach the topic of wellbeing from multiple perspectives. Her approach includes working with your staff and team to establish gaps in current practices and identify options for prioritising wellbeing in your workplace. 

One of her areas of interest is program development. In her role as a Research Assistant for the School of Education, the University of Queensland, Stevie-Jae developed training materials and resources for teacher and student wellbeing initiatives.  As a guest presenter for the Science of Learning Research Centre, she presented and developed Mindfulness and the Brain workshops for teachers.

The motivation for Stevie-Jae’s Doctoral research arose from the existing research into teacher resilience, wellbeing and stress relief and the lack of programs and support for promoting integrated (holistic) wellbeing. As a researcher, she has delivered presentations on the scientific evidence supporting mindfulness-based practices and health resources to promote integrated wellbeing.

Stevie-Jae developed, facilitated and evaluated the 6-week Integrated Wellbeing and Stress Management program (12-hours in length). She designed and developed the Stress Reduction and Wellbeing Program (SRWP) for the Department of Education and Training, Queensland. She adapted the program to be delivered as a self-paced online program (6-hours) and face-to-face program (9-hours).

She is passionate about sharing her research and raising awareness of the importance of using evidence-based health resources for supporting and promoting wellbeing and health in professional and personal contexts. 


Salutogenic ~ adjective

sə-​ˌlü-​tō-​ˈje-​nik \

A salutogenic framework supports descriptions of how people stay well when encountering periods of stress.


Programs and Workshops

As a researcher, Stevie-Jae has aligned her work with the:

World Health Organization - Workplace Health Promotion

Queensland Government - Department of Health - Healthier.Happier Workplaces


Salutogenic Theory of Health Promotion

Program Logo
Stress Management and Integrated Wellbeing
Tailor-made Workshops
Stevie-Jae Hepburn
Wellbeing Presentations

A comprehensive, evidence-based program for promoting and supporting Integrated Wellbeing. 

Program length: 6-hours, 12-hours and 9-hours.

Session format: face-to-face or virtual (recorded) delivery.

Bespoke workshops and professional development sessions are available for workplaces across multiple industries.

Contact us to discuss how you can support and promote wellbeing in your workplace.

Stevie-Jae is available to develop a presentation or session for staff meetings, student development sessions and pastoral care initiatives.


Stevie-Jae's attention shifted from Educational Leadership to health promotion and wellbeing because she was using traditional techniques to support her own wellbeing. Her background in biology and science led her to investigate the underlying mechanisms and techniques included in mindfulness and yoga-based strategies.

In her Doctoral research, she reviewed the existing literature in education, health promotion and mind-body therapies and evaluated various approaches to wellbeing and health. She developed a model for wellbeing which was drawn from the Six-Factor Model of Psychological Wellbeing by Ryff and Singer  and the System of Yoga. Her evidence-based approach is grounded in three facets of wellbeing: Psychological, Physiological and Interpersonal Wellbeing.

Psychological wellbeing
Psychological Wellbeing
Physiological wellbeing
Physiological Wellbeing
Interpersonal Wellbeing
Interpersonal Wellbeing

Research articles

A Complementary Intervention to promote stress management and wellbeing for early career teachers. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. Available:

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Hepburn, Stevie-Jae (2020). Integrated wellbeing for teachers: a mixed-methods study investigating attention awareness, perceived stress and subjective wellbeing and a complementary intervention for pre-service and early career teachers. PhD Thesis, School of Education, The University of Queensland.

Hepburn, S.-J., & McMahon, M. (2017). Pranayama meditation (yoga breathing) for stress-relief: Is it beneficial for teachers? Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 42(9), 142-159.




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