Cultivate ~ verb


To try to acquire or develop (a quality or skill)

My goal is to see wellbeing and health resources integrated into workplace culture. When we are healthy and taking care of ourselves, we are in a better position to care for others and create healthy role models for those around us. Often when we get busy, taking care of ourselves drops lower down our priority list!

According to the World Health Organization, the workplace is becoming a setting for the promotion of preventative health activities including psychological and physiological wellbeing (WHO, 2020). Promoting health resources and integrated wellbeing involves a multifaceted approach and there are many factors that contribute to wellbeing and health. Our approach to stress management and wellbeing must be proactive, preventative and focus on flourishing as opposed to the treatment of stress-related conditions.


Stevie-Jae Hepburn
Wellbeing Consultant

Stevie-Jae is an experienced educator and has developed and facilitated professional development workshops for schools. Her experience includes multi-phase projects, survey design, program evaluation and resource development.

Integrated Wellbeing
Integrated Wellbeing
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There are multiple dimensions of wellbeing that underpin an "integrated" approach. To support our wellbeing we need to identify health resources within the environment, the individual and the interaction between the individual and environment. The major areas targeted in an integrated approach are: psychological, physiological and interpersonal wellbeing.

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What is Integrated Yoga?

An integrated approach is drawn from the System of Yoga which includes eight 'limbs' of yoga:

Ethical Principles

Meditation Practices

Physical Postures

Breathing Techniques



I began my career as a high school Biology, Science and English teacher in 2005 after completing a Bachelor of Education at the Queensland University of Technology. Like most teachers, I was intrinsically motivated to share my love of Biology and Science with my students. For over 12 years, I enjoyed teaching across jurisdictions in Queensland, Australia and abroad in London. While working as a Middle School Science Coordinator, I completed a Master of Educational Studies at The University of Queensland. During that time, I started teaching yoga and mindfulness classes and I was fascinated by the underlying mechanisms that supported the traditional techniques. After witnessing and experiencing the impact of burnout and work-related stress, my research interest shifted from Educational Leadership to stress management, wellbeing, positive psychology and health resources. As a result, my Advanced Masters Research Project (2015) evaluated simple stress management techniques (breathing practices) for teachers and I developed and facilitated a five-week (5-hour) yoga-based meditation program for in-service teachers (Hepburn & McMahon, 2017). 

My background in biology and science led me to further investigate the underlying mechanisms of stress management techniques and methods for supporting wellbeing. My Doctoral research examined the link between attention awareness (mindfulness), perceived stress and subjective wellbeing. In addition, my work highlighted the importance of a holistic approach to stress management and wellbeing and the importance of including evidence-based strategies and mechanisms to support health promotion. Click here for more information on my research work. I have been working in the field of wellbeing for over seven years and I am an advocate for promoting an integrated approach to wellbeing.

I am a Level Two Yoga Australia registered instructor (2013) and Children’s Yoga instructor (2016) and after I started my own yoga practice, I enjoyed sharing simple breathing techniques with my students. I have since completed over 700 hours of certified yoga and mindfulness teacher training including Yoga Nidra teacher training and I am accredited to facilitate yoga teacher training programs.

As a teacher, parent, colleague, middle manager, yoga teacher and researcher, I believe our wellbeing is of the utmost importance. It is fundamental to our success in personal and professional settings. When we care for ourselves, we are in a better position to care for others and we become health role models for those around us.


cultivate health and wellbeing

Wellbeing ~ noun


The state of being comfortable, healthy or happy.

Integrated ~ adjective


With various parts or aspects linked or coordinated.

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"Amazing yoga in a peaceful, rural setting with a great yoga instructor. All abilities catered for in this welcoming space!"



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"Yoga with Stevie is always lovely and relaxing, where I feel refreshed and rejuvenated afterwards. Stevie provides everything from mats and blankets to exercise balls and eye pillows! I would highly recommend. Thank you Stevie"




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